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" I recently used AgileWrap to track requirements for a consulting project. I found it to be very easy to use and quick to learn. The user interface was very intuitive. It was easy to review the documented requirements with my client and assign priority and ownership. I look forward to using AgileWrap on future engagements. "
John Omlin PMP, Certified ScrumMaster
" AgileWrap is a powerful productivity booster, due to its efficient, intuitive interface that gives me fast access to all I need - status of bug fixes, adding/sequencing tasks, highlighting important information in rich text editor and drag-and-drop management of backlog items. This system is a pleasure to use - it is richer and far more dynamic than other bug tracking tools. AgileWrap also has well organized documentation which is a great plus."
Shilpi Modi, Sr. Developer, Disney On Line
Requirements Management
Managing Backlog - Centralize your backlog for streamlined management of features and defects.
  • Maintain a single list of to-do features and defects in one place. Add new features and defects to backlog on the fly.
  • Prioritize (rank) backlog items by business value using drag and drop, or manual editing of rank.
  • Analyze backlog using sorting, filtering, grouping and printing. Group the backlog by parent user story to view and rank all the features related an epic together.
  • Use in-line editing to update estimates,priority.
Authoring User Stories - Easily write and compile requirements from multiple sources.
  • Write requirements with ease using rich text editor. Add detail and tasks when ready.
  • Add multiple links to external documents stored on wiki or other systems.
  • Size stories using story/function points or hours. View roll up of status and estimates from children stories and tasks.
  • Collaborate by adding and tracking comments from the team. Upload, revise, delete and share multiple files.
  • View change history for the user story.

Tracking Story Tasks - Monitor progress of each story in detail in real time.
  • Break epics into smaller user stories, organize conveniently, and access real time progress of epics and children stories instantly.
  • Break user stories into tasks for implementation when ready. Estimate, assign, track tasks, and update progress using in-line editing.
  • Add and track defects for the story in order to deliver the quality product.
  • View roll up of parent story status and estimates from the children stories and tasks.
Tracking All User Stories - Track all stories for the project in real time in one place.
  • Track real time progress of epics (big stories) and smaller stories for the entire project in one place.
  • Import stories. Filter by priority, status, owner, iteration and releases to view specific stories.
  • Assess the story size with metrics on totals tasks, child stories, defects, comments and attachments.
  • Assess progress quickly Cumulative Flow chart.